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As Christians, our work should be of the best quality because we are working for the King of Kings! Our work should cause non-believers to marvel and seek out the one we serve! One failure of Christian publishers in Cambodia (myself included) is that we have published sub-par Christian books in the Khmer language. This should not be! Our books should be of the highest quality, so that when a non-believer sees them and reads them they will desire to praise the ones who created it, and we, in turn, can point them to praise our Heavenly Father.

Because of our desire to see better Christian books published in the Khmer language, my team at ACTION Cambodia, along with many volunteers have created a spelling and grammar checker for Khmer. These are simple tools everyone can use to help ensure higher-quality publications. The work is still on-going, but we believe by using these tools we can help increase the quality of Khmer Christian resources (and really all resources in the Khmer language).

For more information on how to install these tools please visit:

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