Most Needed…

What subjects do you think the Cambodian church needs more resources on?
Discipleship? Theology? Apologetics? Sexual Purity? Family Living? Parenting? Leadership?

There are so many avenues and so many needs, but what do you think is most needed and why?

Also, what medium do you think is most needed? Audio? Videos? Books?

Perhaps through this conversation, we can see more resources produced in the Khmer language that will foster growth and maturity in the Body of Christ here in Cambodia!

What do you think?


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  1. Nathan,
    Great site. Thanks for your hard work and for your intelligent design of the site. I believe we had the opportunity to meet one time several years ago when you came to visit our Wesleyan Bible Institute with Darren Beck. As one just finishing up a Masters degree program, I pray for your time of study to be powerful and preparatory for ministry overseas.

    To answer your question, I believe that all types of materials are in need at the present time in Cambodia, but probably the most impactful at this time would be videos that could be produced and shared across computers and cell phones around the country. We are exploring this now as a part of our organization’s priority plan. When we begin producing them, we will let you know.


    • Thanks Tim,
      Yes, I remember you. And all the comments go through moderation, so it can take a bit for them to show up.

      I agree that more video and cell phone material needs to be produced. Please keep in touch, we would love to link to anything your organization produces.


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