2014 Year in Review

2014 is our second year of running and it’s been a good year! Here are some statistics from 2014.

2014 Year in Review

Total: 24,684 views 6,180 visitors
(181.46% increase from 2013)

Most popular eBooks:
Fundamentals of the Faith had 658 downloads
A Brief Introduction to the Bible had 569 downloads
Four Blood Moons Review in Khmer had 198 downloads

Most popular Audio:
Khmer Bible Recordings Partial Old Testament had 751 clicks
Khmer NT Audio Bible had 390 clicks
ទំនុកដំកើង និងទំនុកខ្មែរបរិសុទ្ធ Khmer Christian Hymns had 198 clicks

Most popular page:
Audio in Khmer with 2,639 views
Books in Khmer with 1,791 views
Missionary Resources with 1,478 views
Khmer Audio Bibles with 1,072 views

Biggest Referrer: Search Engines with 5,653 views

Most Popular Search Terms:
“khmer bible audio combodia” 129
“khmer bible download” 52
“khmer bible audio” 43
“khmer bible” 32
“khmer bible free download” 30
“books” 29

Cambodia 10,948
United States 6,295
Vietnam 2,321
Canada 1,033
Australia 723


Thanks for a great year! We pray this site continues to serve the Body of Christ in Cambodia!

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