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    The Water of Life

    Jesus is the water of life. Jesus said “If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink.” In The Water of Life David Painter continues the story of Jesus begun in The Bread of Life to show clearly that who every believes in Jesus “will never be thirsty”. This bilingual (Khmer-English) short exegetical […] More

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    From Why To Worship

    With all the uncertainties in the world today it would be easy to think that no one is in control. In “From Why To Worship”, Jonathan Lamb draws from the experience of someone who was tempted to think the same way, who was desperately confused and had persistently wrestled with God. But his questions “Why?” […] More

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    The Calvary Road

    The Calvary Road Has life become an uphill struggle for survival? Are you weighed down by anxiety, fear, guilt, anger and other feelings? Are you searching for an inner peace and a fulfilling life? Changes begin “in the innermost parts of our lives”, Roy Hession writes. On The Calvary Road we will find liberty and […] More

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    Commentary on Ephesians

    Fount of Wisdom’s very first publication was the fine work of Cambodian author, Pen Dararith, on the book of Ephesians. It has now been re-packaged for you: A more concise text, additional pictures, greater details, and side-by-side English and Khmer scripture verses. This second edition is even better value than the first! Price: 2.70 $ […] More

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    Such Great Love

    Many people think about writing something but usually find it difficult to make a start. In order to help them put their ideas on paper, Fount of Wisdom Christian publishing house planned a workshop “ Editor – Writer Workshops“. Through this workshop, 8 new Cambodian Christian writers, expressing themselves in the Khmer language, were able […] More

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    Exploring Church History

    This book is particularly able to expand your understanding of the histories related to the history of the early church (meaning needs to be clarified)? as it is presented in chronological order. Learning about the experiences of the early church prepares us for the future as the problems that we face in the church are […] More

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    Preaching Mark

    Do you want a book that carefully explains the verses of the gospel of Mark, stanza by stanza, in chronological order? “Preaching Mark” is one book in a series of books on “Preaching the wonderful plan of God”, each of which are popular and best-sellers. The book includes many examples, the explanations to the verses […] More

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    What Happened, Little Rabbit?

    Written and illustrated by Cambodians, this bi-lingual children’s book tells the story of Pea, a little rabbit, and his mysterious, but deeply painful, memory of an event that took place in the garden behind his house. This colorful book can be a tool for helping children express similar memories they may have, or simply help […] More

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