The Story of JESUS for Children

“The Story of Jesus for Children” provides a solution to the challenge of teaching children the truth about God and His Son, Jesus. This film uses 40 minutes of the original “JESUS” film and integrates into the drama 22 minutes of new footage involving six children who might have lived during the time of Christ. Told from a child’s point of view, this film provides an overview of Christ’s life and ministry.

The children in the film hear the stories of the man from Nazareth who heals the sick and raises the dead. Segments show Him interacting with young children as He preached, ministered to the sick, and tried to reason with the angry leaders who felt threatened by Him. The children struggle to make sense of it all–some are from families who believe Jesus is the Son of God, while others are from families who do not. Watching Jesus from the crowds, they follow Him to see what this incredible man will do next. They see Him betrayed, wrongly accused, crucified and buried. Jesus’ courage and bravery amid many accusations and betrayals deeply affects the children. Even though they see Him crucified for bringing His loving ministry to God’s people, they remember the promise of Jesus and believe they will see Him again.

The film allows children to hear and see the whole story at once, answering questions in clear and conrete terms, and providing fast action which keeps them engaged. At the conclusion of the film, the leading child character, Benjamin, reviews what he has learned and leads viewers to invite Jesus into their lives. The invitation, in the language of a child, sensitively offers an opportunity to say “yes,” “no,” or “wait a minute; I’m not ready make this choice.” This format for the film’s closing enhances this powerful tool’s potential for helping to reach children with the gospel.

Children enjoy this captivating retelling of the true story of Jesus from a child’s perspective. If you want to reach a child with the message of Jesus in a compelling, understandable, and exciting way, “The Story of Jesus for Children” is the tool you’ve been looking for!

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