The Christian and Alcohol

A 58-page book that confronts the classic argument that since people in Bible times drank ancient wine then modern believers can drink the various types of wines, beers, and hard drinks available in stores today. The book challenges readers to consider how drinking can cause the loss of one’s wisdom, lead others into sin, and bring reproach on the name of our eternally exalted God. Other chapters address important topics such as: (1) whether alcohol should become a false savior in difficult times, (2) pastors and their responsibility to keep a sober example before the flock of God, (3) how Cambodian Christians can politely refuse to drink at weddings and other cultural ceremonies while still maintaining a Christlike testimony, and (4) a chapter providing hope for those addicted to alcohol.

Available for free download online:

Download “ChristianandAlcoholKhmer.pdf” ChristianandAlcoholKhmer.pdf – Downloaded 1666 times – 1 MB

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