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Wisdom is the Best Medicine

The book is a series of short, simple, illustrated health lessons related to the health problems that most affect Cambodians. The title of the book is, “Wisdom is the Best Medicine”. And the premise of the book is that God is the source of wisdom; and as we trust and obey God, we grow in wisdom. And as we grow in wisdom, our lives generally improve. Along these lines, each lesson has a related passage from the book of Proverbs.

This book was written to be both and evangelistic and discipleship resource. As you’ve likely experienced too, so many of our conversations with Cambodians (Christian or not) eventually touch on issues of health. At times like these, we’ve wished for a simple, illustrated resource that we could utilize to teach people about health; but also use as a bridge for talking about Jesus. And that’s what gave rise to the idea of this book.

If you have any suggestions about the book, please contact: [email protected]

Download the eBook here:

Download “Wisdom is the Best Medicine PDF” Best-Medicine-w.-cover-Final.pdf – Downloaded 712 times – 21 MB

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