Commentary on Romans

Endorsed by DA Carson, Douglas Moo, and Thomas Schreiner, this entry-level Commentary on Romans for Cambodia and Asia will help equip the exploding Southeast Asian church to preach the gospel of Christ and the Apostles with power and faithfulness. Written by a pastor for pastors, the book is filled with sermon outlines, illustrations, and charts that will help teachers help their congregations understand God’s message of grace in Romans. The author has lived in the Asia and Pacific region all his life, including 20 years in Cambodia. From the front cover—where the most famous of Asian religious proverbs is turned on its head (“Do Good to Receive Good”)—to the final page, the ASEAN commentary on Romans will speak powerfully to the Asian heart and mind.

The Khmer language version of this book is available from Fount of Wisdom Publishing House, Phnom Penh—Cambodia’s premier Christian publisher ( This English language version has been prepared in simplified English to facilitate translation into other Asian and Pacific languages. Permission to translate can be requested by contacting the author at crowl[email protected] or the publisher at [email protected].

Price: $5.95

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